Lifestyles of the Native Americans

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  • Lifestyles of the Native Americans
      • Meat
      • Skins for wool, clothing, shoes, tents
      • Bones for implements
      • Dung for fuel
    • HORSES
      • Easier to hunt
      • Easier to transport stored food
      • Transport belongings
      • Drove off weaker tribes due to being advanced
    • TRIBES
      • Some tribes had a NOMADIC ORIGIN
      • Some tribes farmed and lived in permanent villages
      • Some tribes relied heavily on craft and trade
      • Some became successful shepherds after the introduction of sheep and goats
    • LAND
      • Land was free
      • The idea that you could 'buy' and 'sell' land was meaningless to wandering tribes
      • Anyone could grown corn on any part of the tribal land
      • Highly individualistic
      • Generosity to those in need was expected of those who could provide it, and it added to their prestige and power
    • MEN
      • Tribal warfare
      • Most men were warriors
      • Some Native Americans only fought in self-defence
      • Hunting
    • WOMEN
      • Agriculture -if any was done
      • Finding food for the horses
      • Leading the packhorses when the tribe was on the move
      • Tanning buffalo hides
      • Making tipis
      • Women owned the things they made - which gave them power
      • Cooking and making food
  • Tanning buffalo hides


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