Lifestyles of the Native Americans 

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  • Lifestyles of the Native Americans
    • The Plains Indians relied on the Buffalo
      • Millions of buffalo grazed on the Plains int he days before mass slaughter of the 1870's
      • Many of the Plain Indians were nomadic hunter gathers
      • They followed the buffalo on its seasonal migrations
      • Uses of the Buffalo; Bones-tools and weapons,Tongue-hairbrush, Lining of intestine-water sack, blood-paintings,fat-food,poop-smoke it,skin-clothes and tipi
      • Ways they would prepare for a Buffalo hunt/hunt Buffalo
        • Buffalo dance
        • Stampeed
        • Dress up as wolves
        • Use horses
      • Sacred, respected them
    • The horse increased the tribes Power and Efficiency
      • Horses were brought over by Europeans in the 16th century
      • It made hunting and moving easier- to transport stored food and other belongings
      • Nomadic tribes, were less vulnerable than farmers to epidermic of European disease
        • Smallpox and cholera hit Native American farming populations hard
      • Tribal boundaries were changeable. There was a gradual south-westwards movement by the more powerful tribes
        • Sioux in the North, Comanche in the South,driving off weaker tribes as they advanced


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