Lifestyle Categories

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  • Lifestyle categories
    • Cowboys - People who want to make money quickly and easily
    • Cynics - People who always have something to complain about
    • Drifters - People who aren't all sure what they want
    • Drop-outs - People who don't want to get committed in any way
    • Egoists - People who are mainly concerned about getting pleasure for themselves
    • Groupies - People who want to accepted by those around them
    • Innovators - People who want to make their mark on the world
    • Puritans - People who want to feel like they have done their duty
    • Rebels - People who want the world to fit in with their view of how it should be
    • Traditionalists - People who want everything to remain the same
    • Trendies - People who are desperate to have the admiration of their peer group
    • Utopians - People who want to make the world a better place


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