Heart disease and lifestyle

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  • Lifestyle and heart disease
    • Smoking
      • Carbon monoxide
        • Combines with haemoglobin
        • Haemoglobin is in red blood cells
        • Reduces the oxygen carrying capacity
        • Heart rate increases, increasing blood pressure
      • Nicotine
        • Increases heart rate
        • The heart contracts more frequently, increasing blood pressure
    • Poor diet
      • Saturated fats
        • Cholesterol is a fatty substance
        • Cholesterol is needed to make cell membranes
        • Too much- cholesterol can build up in arteries
        • Build up forms plaques
        • Plaques narrow arteries
        • Narrow arteries restricts blood flow- can lead to heart attack
      • High salt intake
        • Too much can cause high blood pressure
        • High blood pressure increases risk of damage to arteries
        • Damage to arteries can encourage plaques
        • Plaques can lead to a heart attack
    • Narrow arteries
      • Heart muscle is supplied by coronary arteries
      • Narrow arteries restrict blood flow
      • A thrombosis (blood clot) can form
      • Blood clots cut off the heart muscle from blood supply
      • The heart doesn't recieve oxygen, causing a heart attack


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