Life under communist rule

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  • Life under communist rule
    • Woman and familly
      • Bolsheviks made woman more equal
      • Lenin created woman's department
      • Legal for men over 18 and woman over 16 to marry
      • Divorce was made easier
      • Abortion made legal
      • They gained equality in the workplace
    • Education
      • Communists launched literacy program to spread communism
      • Young activities sent out to teach
      • Communists rewrote history in Bolshevik favour
    • Religion
      • Lenin saw the church as a threat
      • He allowed belief and worship but changed churches a lot and took their land
      • A string of anti religious laws were passed
      • Sunday school closed
      • Schools forbidden to teach religion
    • Culture
      • They adopted designs of buildings and streets to suit the people
      • Artists were encouraged to work in teams
      • Conductors were not allowed in orchestras
      • Lenin portrayed in films as a hero
      • Films were made to spread propoganda
    • Propoganda and censorship
      • Newspapers, books and films were only allowed if they carried the right message
      • Communists launched literacy program to spread communism
      • Posters became frequently seen


Miss E


This is a really good way to present a large amount of information and ideal for revising this topic. To improve it you could add further changes by Stalin, perhaps in a different colour?

George Preece


Thanks for the feedback but i'm afraid my syllabus only goes up to Lenin's death 

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