infancy development

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  • infancy 0-2
    • physical development
      • growing rapidly weight is gaining
      • sitting up
      • crawling
      • motor skills grasping, suckling, blinking
    • intellectual
      • learning to say small words
      • repeating words
      • playing with educational toys e.g. shapes
      • stop crying hwen hearing soothing things e.g. music or voices
      • asociating people with things
      • un happy about mother leaving them
    • social development
      • going to a toddlers group
      • learning to share toys
      • may cling to a familiar person
      • becoming angry or upset when something is taken away
      • playing with other children
      • helping other children
    • emotional development
      • enjoying playing with other children
      • expressing  anger when something is taken away
      • showing love towards the care giver
      • separation anxiety
      • shows more moods e.g. sad happy angry
      • having tamtrums
      • shows an developing sense of humor


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