Life of Pi AS [part 1 section B]

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    • Broadcast
      • BBC 4 Film Programme (radio):
        • Discussions of how Ang Lee made Life Of Pi so magical and how he did it well
    • E-media
      • Teaser/promotion of YouTube
        • Movie was premiered in a swimming pool: Cinema sur l'eau
      • Fan reviews
        • Reviews + fan opinion
          • Pop That Culture - YouTube
      • Official website for movie
        • Clips from the movie
        • Trailer on front page
          • Trailer starts with the move of the mouse
        • Social networking links/buttons
          • Likes on FB
          • Twitter hashtagging
          • YouTubing
        • Photography competition
      • Official website for novel
    • Print
      • Novel re-released
        • with a movie tie in
          • Official poster used for the front page of the novel
      • Billboards
        • Placed in visible areas. e.g. leading onto a motor way, bus stops
      • Official posters
    • Generally:
      • Life of Pi cost $120 million - high production costs!
        • 20th Century Fox -> FAMILY FILM INSTITUTION
      • Adventure/drama. Live action 3D American film
      • Computer animation and CGI


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