Life in Soil-B6

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  • Life in Soil
    • Soil contains mineral particles of different sizes
      • Sandy soil-smaller particles
      • Large soil particles-higher air content and permeability
        • Soil with more humus-hold more water and air
    • Loam-clay and sand: decomposed plant and animal waste called humus
      • Humus content can be found by burning off humus using a bunsen burner
        • Humus is important: decompose to release minerals, increase air content
    • Air content- how much water fills air pockets
    • Earthworms
      • Bury organic material for    decompositio-n
      • Neutralise acid soil (plants may not grow if the pH is too high or low
      • Mix up, aerate and drain the soil
      • Ideas put forward by Charles Darwin


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