LOVE IN A LIFE robert browning mindmap

mindmap on Robert Browning's love in a life

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    • "i hunt the house through"
      • ideas of him as the predator
    • A04
      • John Ruskin the philosophy of the imperfect (the quest) idea of the journey rather than achieving the goal
      • Letter from Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barret-Browning
        • "In this house of life where I go you go - where I ascend, you run before - where i descend, it is after you"
          • suggests love in a life's ending - emotional states of relationship to explore
    • Heart, fear nothing, for, heart, though shalt find her -
      • driven by emotion not reason - ellipsis shows anxiety
    • "wave of a feather"
      • power of femininity -delicate and elegant/ feather reminds reader of cupid?
    • "-not the trouble behind her left in the curtain"
      • ideas of complicated women and her giving life  - senses/ animation
        • "As she brushed it, the cornice - wreath blossomed anew:"
    • "still the same chance! she goes out as I enter. Spend my whole day in quest, - who cares?"
      • sibilance reflects excitement
    • "such closets to search, such alcoves to importune!"
      • revelling in chase (sibilance) areas of unexplored relationship - not so much answers as exploration of questions
    • POSITIVE: celebrates idea, there is pleasure even when you dont  get the object/ lifes about the journey - does the object ever live up to the expectation


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