Life Expectancy

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  • Life expectancy
    • 1851 - 40 for males and 44 for females      2004 - 78 years
    • Improved public health
      • Sanitation
      • Hygene
    • Medical technology and practice
      • Drugs such as vaccinations and antibiotics
    • Rising living standards
      • Improved nutritional intake
      • Better housing quality less damp, mould and rats
      • Better care and welfare facilities
    • Differs according to region
      • Male life expectancy in 2002 was 76.2 in England, but 73.5 in Scotland
    • Differs according to social clas
      • Those in middle class jobs tend to live longer than those in manual labour jobs and the unemployed
    • Differs according to ethinicty
      • Some ethnic minorities have lower life expectancy than White people


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