experiments - methods in context

done in note form

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  • experiments
    • area of use
      • nature of aggression
      • prison life
      • effectiveness of crime prev strategies
    • lab experiments
      • General
        • difficult to study complex world of dev in controlled lab
      • Validity
        • aspects of crime & dev don't lend themselves to lab study - unreal sits = artificial - real life not respond to indiv controlled variables
    • field experiments
      • General
        • used > to research crime - used to test gov crime prev policies
      • Ethics
        • those involved aren't aware they are part of experiement - wrong to use young as guinea pig
      • reliability
        • not easy to replicate - Tilley - examined 3 areas and found elements of project = hard to replicate
      • validity
        • word gets round - change happens quickly - lead to Hawthorne effect - undermines validity


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