Physics P2 Life cycle of stars

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  • Life Cycle of Stars
    • Gases create a protostar
      • Main sequence star, like sun
        • Red giant star
          • White Dwarf
            • Black Dwarf
        • Red super piant star
          • Supernova
            • Black Hole
            • Neutron Star
    • Fusion in stars
      • Nuclear fusion involves two atomic nuclei joining to make a large nucleus and energy is released when this happens.
      • A hydrogen 1 and a hydrogen 2 react to form helium 3
      • The temperature and pressure allow nuclear fusion to happen in stars. Stars have enough hydrogen to last for billions of years.
      • Once hydrogen runs out, more substances react up to iron as this is an endothermic reaction. Other elements are released in supanovas
    • Stars form when dust and gas clump together because of gravitational forces


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