Life Changes & Daily Hassels

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  • Life Changes & Daily Hassels
    • Holmes and Rahe developed the SRRS based on 43 life events taken from their analysis of over 5000 patients.
    • Key Study: Rahe et al. (Life Changes)
      • A military version of the SRRS was given to all the men on board of US Navy ships - total of over 2500 men.
        • An illness score was calculated on the basis of the number, type and severity recorded during the 7 months they were away.
          • They found a positive correlation between the LCU score and illness score of +.118.
    • Bouteyre et al. (Daily Hassles)
      • Investigated the relationship between the  mental health of students and daily hassles. This way during their transaction period from school to uni.
        • 41% of students suffered from depression symptoms and there was a positive correlation between the scores on the hassle scale and the incidence of depressive symptoms.
    • Gervais (Daily Uplifts)
      • Asked nurses to keep a diary over one month and record their daily hassles and uplifts at work. They were also asked to comment on their personal performance
        • Daily hassles were found to decrease job performance and increase strain.
          • However, the nurses felt that the daily uplifts counteracted the negative effects of their daily hassles. As well as overcoming the stress of the daily hassles, daily uplifts also improved their work performance.


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