Life Chances

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  • Life Chances and what affects them
    • Introduced by Max Weber, and these are the opportunities that an individual has to improve thier quality of life
      • Covers social factors, such as education and health, and how they impact on  the individual and families
      • Social Stratifica-tion is  society's categorsation of peolple based on their occupation, income and wealth
      • In an ideal world, peoples success in life would depend on ability and talent rather than class privilege or wealth  (called meritocrcay) but this isn't often the case
    • Families
      • Equal opportunities  in the UK, or is a young person locked into the lifestyles and aspirations of their familes?
        • In the past 50 years: Fewer 2 parent families, people marry later, 1/4 of children live with one parent and more mothers focus on careers, so the birth rate has fallen
        • Decline of marriage and increase in cohabitation  and divorce; Has this affcted the stability of society and family life?
    • Education
      • Main factor for deciding whether one is upwardly mobile (social mobility is the degree to which someones social status can change)
      • The increase in the proportion of young people from working class families taking part in higher education is less than the increase amongst the better off. Affluent families expect degrees in education
        • Large debts from fees, mean that the very rich ( above £500,000) are pulling away from the less affluent
      • Number of people with degrees is increasing, meaning it will have less impact on employment. More unemployed and under employed graduates. China, more graduates, 15% are unemployed
    • Health
      • Equalitites are stark. Poor have worst health and shortest L.E
        • Concentration of poorer people into particular ares is an effect of. poverty. Men and women are 5 times more likely to be permanently sick in the worst ares
          • Mental health discorders, such as anxiety and stress are an exception, as they are prevalent amongst the workaholic better off, according to Oliver James
    • Material Reward
      • Men paid almost £5,000 a year more than female counterparts, and female health professionals have a gap of 31%. Pay and promotion limited by glass celiing
        • "Glass ceiling" is situations were the progress of a person is halted at a particular level because of disrimination (limited is not immediately apparent)
    • Social Exclusion
      • Unepmloyment, homlessness and poor housing -> may form gangs
        • Social Exclusion Task Force-> tackel problems (ASBOS ect) but can be seem as badge or honor.
        • Fight over territory, ethnic and religious differences, violence and drugs


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