Life after Death

A mindmap on the aspects of life after death from the ocr religious studies book.

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  • Life After Death
    • Christians believe because of Jesus crucifixion they are freed from punishment of original sin.
      • And depending on the way they live there life they can go to heaven.
    • Christians teaching is that one day Jesus will come back to earth called the second this time god will judge everybody.
      • Some believe it takes place as soon as you die or on a day of judgment in the future.
    • Christians believe people who ignore the teachings of god will be sent to eternal punishment.
    • Chrisitnas believe those who have accepted Jesus as there saviour and followed the teachings will go to heaven.
    • Roman catholic teach that people who have been good however have made sins while go to a place called purgatory. Where they are cleansed until they are in the state ready for heaven.


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