Life Events - Birth

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  • Life Events: Birth
    • Positive
      • P - Exercising with baby
      • I - Learning new skills, Bottle feeding, Nappy rash
      • E - Happy, Joyful, Excited
      • S - Meet new people at baby classes
      • F - Child Benefits, Buying food, prams, equipment
    • Negative
      • P - Tired: Up because the baby is crying, Strech marks, Weight
      • I - Loss of concentration
      • E - Anixous, Isolated, Post Natel Depression
      • S - Have to stay at home most of the time, Not see old friends, Difficult to socialise people who haven't had children.
      • F - Have to use money for both children, Buying both the same, Mother taking time off work and not getting a good wage.


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