threats to the tsarist reigime

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  • threats to the tsarist reigime
    • Discontent amongst the peasants
      • In 1917 about 80% of the Russian population were peasants.
      • Peasant farmers still used wooden horse drawn ploughs.
      • The houses still had no running water and flushing toilets.
        • animals were usually kept at one side of the house whilst people lived at the other.
      • Conditions made peasants a dangerously violent group to society.
      • Became even more difficult when the first world war broke out as there were food shortages in shops therefore they had to keep the wheat to themselves
      • There were 3 kinds of peasants, these were:     Kulaks or better peasants         Middle peasants and poor peasants
    • Discontent amongst the workers
      • Life for workers in the cities was also difficult.
      • The tsars police, the Okhrana, made it difficult for the workers to form trade unions meaning it was harder to campaign for better wages and conditions.
      • The war made if difficult for the workers , as well, due to inflation, Average wages between 1914 and 1917 rose by 200% but the price for food and fuel rose by 400%
    • The growth of opposition
      • There were a number of groups wanting change in Russia with a key idea of potential democracy therefore wanting the tsars rule to end
      • The main parties were
        • SR's/ soviet revolutionaries, they supported revolution and the assassination of political enemies
        • Bolsheviks- aim to create a group of professional revolutionaries led by lenin.
      • Mensheviks


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