Life under Lenin 1917-18

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  • Life Under Lenin 1917-1918.
    • Set up a communist state.
    • Peace
      • Lenin made the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk with Germany.
        • Russia lot vast amounts of its best industries and agricultural land.
    • Communist laws.
      • Banned religion
      • gave workers an 8hr working day.
      • gave workers and un-employment wage and pensions.
      • Abolished the teaching of History and Latin
        • encouraged science.
      • Divorce was allowed.
    • Communist economy
      • Bolsheviks gave land previously owned by peasants to the peasants.
      • Factories were handed over to the workers.
    • Communist propaganda
      • a huge campaign to teach everyone to read.
    • Dictatorship
      • Lenin dismissed the Constitute Assembly.
      • The Checka were arrested, tourtured.
      • Killed anyone who wanted to destroy the communist state.


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