Life On Earth

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  • Life on Earth
    • Early Conditions
      • Nitrogen and CO2. Later, Methane, Ammonia, Hydrogen and Water Vapour
      • High Temperatures
      • volcanic Activity
      • Thin Atmosphere- No ozone
        • High levels of UV could enter
    • Theories
      • Miller
        • Lightening made the gases react which created life
      • UV radiation caused the gases to react
        • Washed down gases created simple organic molecules
          • Organic molecules collected in the oceans
          • UNICELLULAR life forms
            • Evolved into plants and animals
    • Pre-biotic Atmosphere
      • Atmosphere was mainly CO2 and CH4
        • CO2 declined and created limestone deposits
        • CH4 also decreased
    • Plants
      • Photosynthesis released oxygen
        • This created ozone (filters out UV)
        • CO2 and CH4 decrease. O2 and 03 increased
          • Evolution of Terrestrial Animal Life
        • Aerobic respiration
    • Water
      • Why does it exist on Earth?
        • Position from the Sun
        • Natural Greenhouse Efeect maintains the temperature
        • High SHC
          • Heat is distributed around the world
      • Importance
        • Solvent
          • Carries materials around the body and stores chemicals
        • High SHC
          • Heat is distributed around the world
        • Maintains body Temperature
          • Right temperature for enzyme activity
    • Light
      • Importance
        • Photosynthesis
        • Basis of all food chains


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