life in Nazi Germany

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  • Germany- life in Nazi Germany- 1933-39
    • Nazis and women
      • The women were expected to follow the Nazis expectations. they were known as the three k's.
        • Kinder ; looking after children and producing more children for the 1000 year riech
        • Kuche; making meals and proforming domestic chores
        • Kirche; following the Nazi church values,
      • the Appearance of women were expected to wear plaits, flat shoes, traditional clothes and not skinny.
      • women were rewarded with medals due to the amount of children they would have such as, 4-5 to get bronze, 6, silver, 8 gold, also with more kids you're loan debt was lowed
    • Nazis and the young
      • the Hitler Youth and the League of German Maidens were groups for the young to get them to follow the Nazi values
        • The Hitler Youth; the HY was used to indoctrinate the boys to join the army, when in the youth they learned to march, fight with knives, fire a gun and play sports and was made compulsory in 1936
        • the league of German Maidens; the LGM taught girls how to cook, clean sing and dance
        • Education changed when Hitler wanted it to be Nazi based .  As well all teachers had to join the " nationalist socialist teachers " . timetables of children where based on gender and following Nazi values.
    • Employment and living standards
      • Nazi policy stop unemployment
        • Invisable unemployment meant that it did not include people in the army , Jews and women.
        • Reich labour service enabled all men aged 18-25 to serve in the corps for 6 months . low pay on camp.
        • rearmament was when in 1935 when thousands of young men went into the military service . numbers increased from 100,000 in 1933 to 1,400,000 by 1939.
        • public work scheme  created jobs in 1933 .
        • changes in the standard of living
          • strength through joy allowed German workers low cost activities , sport events and holidays.
          • Beauty of labour tried to improve working conditions .
    • The prosecution of the minorities
      • the Nazis prosecuted several minorities; Jews, Disabled people, Gypsies and homosexuals
        • people with disabilities. the Nazis prosecuted disabled children and babies with physical and mental  because it would effect their 1000 year Reich, they killed babies and sterilised people, 350K sterilised, 6K killed
        • the gypsies were prosecuted because they were seen to be anti social and un hygienic, they were forced to settle and were effected in the Nuremberg laws
        • Homosexuals; gay men were procicuted because they "carried deise " and were arrested due to 175 paragraph and were forced to wearpink triangles, 100K arrested, 50k killed
        • the Jews; anyone with Jewish heritage was effected because the Nazis wanted a pure race and saw the Jews as impure, they boycotted businesses, smashed shops. Nuremberg laws, 500k businesses effected


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