life in nazi germany

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  • Life in Nazi Germany 1933 - 1939
    • Employment and living standards
      • jobs were created by building programs
      • jews and women ere not counted as umemployed
      • big companies thrived while 20% of small businesses closed
      • How Hitler increased employment in Germany
        • public works
        • national service
    • Nazi polices towards women
      • women's lives were meant to revolve around: kinder, kuche, kirche
        • kinder - children
        • kuche - kitchen
        • kirche - church
      • mothers were awarded a mothers cross for having children
      • women were expected to wear plain clothes and no make-up
    • Hitler youth
      • from the age of 10 children were encouraged to join the Hitler youth
      • prepared boys for life in the army
      • prepared girls for motherhood, cooking and sewing
    • Religion
      • Nazis set up the reich church
        • led by Ludwig Muller
      • more catholics went to church during ww2
        • this showed that Hitler never truely managed to control religion
    • propaganda and control
      • propaganda
        • led by Joseph Gobbels
        • cheap radios sold
        • press was cencored
      • control
        • Heinrich Himmler led the **
          • set up concentration camps
        • gestapo
          • secret ploice
            • spied on the German citizens


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