Life in Germany

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  • Life in Germany
    • Women
      • Changes from the "roaring 20s"
        • Nazi's came into power and banned short-skirts and make-up.
        • The Wall Street Crash meant that no one had any money - couldn't afford luxuries.
      • Were there to please men.
      • Were forced to give up their jobs and cook instead.
      • The Law for the Encouragement of Marriage gave loans to young couples, for every child they had, they could keep a quarter of the loan.
      • The slogan "Kinder, Kirche, Küche" was developed - children, church, cooking)
      • In 1937, women had to undertake a compulsory 'duty year' for the Reich. This involved working on a farm or in a factory.
      • In 1944, Lebensborn was introduced. It was also called 'Donate a Baby to the Fuhrer'
    • Children
      • School life
        • Girls
          • Singing to entertain guests
          • Domestic science with maths, learning how to cook and cost the shopping
          • Would do p.e. to stay fit - child bearing
        • Boys
          • Maths
          • Lots of fitness  15% of school time - prepare for military service.
        • Saluted 'Heil Hitler' at the start an end of each lesson.
        • Both genders taught History - Germany's "glorious" past.
        • Eugenics - teaches about Aryan race and selective breeding. Race studies. Pupils taught to measure skulls, correctly marry.
      • Hitler youth group formed in 1920s. In 1933, it was encouraged to join, 1936 it was compulsory.
        • Activities such as camping, hiking. Focus on military drilling.
    • Men
      • Unskilled workers were put on unemployment programmes
      • Farmers debts written off. Benefitted from increase in food prices. Also suffered from lack of labour.
      • Had to join the DAP, put then to work on autobahns, hospitals, schools.
      • "Strength through joy" encouraged leisure activities.
      • RAD service, 6 months service 18-25 year olds. Poorly paid.


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