Life Expectancy

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  • Life Expectancy
    • The development of specialist health and social care provision
    • Better living conditions such as those related to improvements in housing, income, ect.
    • Improved working conditions leading to fewer industrial illnesses or accidents as a result of health and safety legislation
    • Improvements in nutrition and improvements in technology leading to improvements in diagnosis and treatments.
    • Advances in medicines, discovery in new drugs and vaccinations
    • Better education, greater awareness of health, more awareness of risk factors for disease and so can reduce these.
    • Increase in use of health services so problems identified and dealt with sooner.
    • Improvements in lifestyle, e.g. walking groups, smoking cessation groups, alcoholic recovery groups.
    • Improved preventative care programmes such as screening for different types of cancer.
    • Wider availability of health and fitness facilities leading to improvements in physical health
    • Advances in medical research leading to improved understanding and treatments.
    • Improved access to support services, e.g. voluntary adgencies




This was a fantastic piece of work!!! I must say I will defo pass my A-Level Health and Social Care exam with this resource!!! YOU R A LIF SVR!!! xoxo

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