Life Development: Later Adulthood

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  • Life Development: Later Adulthood
    • Physical
      • Breathing and circulation becomes weaker
      • Skin becomes less elastic
      • Muscles become weaker
      • Muscle and skin joins and bones become less flexible
      • Individuals become less mobile
      • Risks of diseases
      • Slowing down of physical activities
      • Getting shorter
      • Reduced strength
    • Intellectual
      • Forgetting words
      • Action slips
      • Slow to adapt to new ideas
      • Reduced short and long term memory
      • Reduced memory from recent events
      • Less able to cope with difficulties
      • Some exercise their minds
      • Some increase ability to make wise decisions
      • Risk of disease increases
    • Emotional
      • Reduced self-concept
      • Reduced confidence
      • Reduced self-esteem
      • Upsetting bereavement
      • Loneliness
      • Develop sense of self
      • Will have a good manner of behaviour
      • Good bonding with grandchildren
      • Some have risk of losing self-confidence and self-esteem
    • Social
      • Less social context
      • Retirement
      • Death of partner
      • Social isolation
      • Reduced social skills
      • Many retired people have a greater opportunity for meeting and making friends
      • Network of family and friends can provide vital practical and emotional support
      • Health problems can cause social isolation
      • Make more relationships with people of the same age


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