P1.15- Life cycles of stars

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  • Life cycle of a star with mass similar to the sun
  • Life cycle of a star with mass greater than the sun
  • Nebula
    • Protostar
      • Massive main sequence star
        • Red supergiant
          • Supernova
            • Neutron star
              • small, dense star
            • Black hole
              • formed when a red supergiant collapses under its own gravity
              • formed if what is left after the supernova (explosion) is three or four times the mass of the sun
          • very large star that has used up most of its hydrogen
        • stable star, hotter brighter, more mas than our sun
      • hot cloud of gas, not hot enough for nuclear reactions to occur
    • cloud of dust
  • role of gravity
    • pulls nebula together
    • pulls red giant together to form white dwarf
    • pulls remains of star after supernova together to form a black hole


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