Life After Death

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  • Life After Death
    • Sanctity of Life
      • Belief that life is sacred
      • Humans created in image of God
        • Murder is forbidden
      • Only God chooses when life begins/ends
    • Creation
      • Believe God created Earth in 7 days
        • All creation is holy
      • God created humans
        • Gave them dominion over Earth
    • Life after Death (Christianity)
      • Catholics believe soul is cleansed of sin in purgatory
      • Belief in Jesus and God, salvation through God
        • Achieve Eternal Life through faith
      • Some believe in Day Of Judgement
        • Separate 'sheep from goats'
      • Belief that sins in life determine if you go to Heaven or Hell
        • Some believe Hell does not exist, God is all-loving
    • Abortion
      • Catholic Church
        • Abortion is always wrong
        • Life begins at conception, it is murder
        • All life has value
      • Anglican Church
        • General view abortion is wrong
        • Allowed in some cases- danger to mother's life, ****
      • Protestant Church
        • More liberal, still believe abortion is wrong
        • Allowed in some cases


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