Liberalism impact on UK politics

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  • Liberalism impact
    • On Labour
      • Followed a lot of ideas from liberal thinkers = KEYNES in economics and BEVERIDGE in social
      • 1960s and 70s = liberal reforms such as homosexuality, abortion and equal pay for women
      • New labour introduced the promotion of more individualism even in some cases at the expense of collectivism
      • A number of policies have been distinctly illiberal:- ID CARDS, HOLDING TERRORISTS WITHOUT TRIAL FOR LONGER
      • Social/progressive liberals would applaud minimum wage and equal pay as it allows equality of opportunity  Classicals would be against it
    • On Conservatives
      • 1980s under Thatcher = seen as a revival of neo-liberalism
      • The party has seen the need to safeguard minority and individual rights under CAMERON
        • Classical liberals would approve of the deed cuts in spending
        • Cameron's big society promotes pro-self help and small state
      • They are less enthusiastic about multiculturalism and toleration
      • Gordon Brown labelled the party as a 'do-nothing' party during the credit crunch but this is a liberal laissez faire approach
      • The 1980s conservatives dealt with the northern ireland terrors in an illiberal manner
      • August 2011 riots where conservatives promoted plastic bullets, water cannons and the army
    • On Liberal-demoncrats
      • It is clear that liberal philosophy remains at the heart of the party
      • Individual freedom and toleration are at the basis of their beliefs.
      • Still a large DIVIDE on economic liberties [classical vs social]
      • They place a greater stress on state intervention and social justice which cannot be seen as liberal
    • On smaller parties
      • Welsh and Scottish nationalists base their values on liberal philosophy
        • Government by consent, human rights and minority protection
      • BNP is decidely illiberal


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