Liberal Reform

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  • Liberal Reforms
    • The welfare of Children 1906-8
      • The Education Act 1906- Provides school meals for undernourished children
      • The Education Act 1907 -School medical inspections for children compulsory.
      • The Children's Act 1908- juvenile courts and financial assitance added in 1909
    • Old Age Pensions act 1908- Provisions made for the poorest of the ederley
    • The National Insurance Act 1911
      • Health Insurance Provisions - Sickness benefit, Free medical treatment under a panel doctor, disability benefit, maternity grant
      • Unemployment Insurance- to support workers over a short period of time who were out of work. NOT to tackle unemployment.
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    • Trades Dispute Act 1906- protected trade unions on strike from being sued by their employers.
      • Merchant Shipping Act 1906- tigh controls on standard of food and accommodation on British Merchant Ships
      • Tade Boards Act 1909- boards to impose minimum wage, in industries such as : Tailoring, box making, chain making Act was widened in 1913
    • Workmen's Compensation Act 1906- compensation for accidents at work and extended provisions to cover injury to health
      • Coal Miners Act 1908- introduced a maximum eight- hour day for miners
        • Shops Act 1910- entitled shop assistants to one half-day off each week
      • Mines Act 1911- laid down regulations for training, safety measures and accidental procedures.
  • The Children's Act 1908- juvenile courts and financial assitance added in 1909


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