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  • Liberal Reforms 1906-1914
    • Education of meals act 1906.
      • free meals given out to those who needed it.
      • 50% grant from treasury.
      • Not compulsory until 1914 and even then only available for those in need
      • children coming to school hungry, ill and suffering from ill health.
    • Education act 1907.
      • entitled to 3 or more free medical examinations
      • Most parents could not afford medical bills.
      • Did help improve health conditions as children went to doctors for treatment if required
      • Act only insured children got checked over and advised whether they required further medical attention.
    • Children's Charter Act 1909
      • Parents were neglecting children.
      • Brought in a serious of new laws into place.
      • Children were forbidden to beg on the streets
      • it was forbidden for under 16's to purchase  tobacco and under 18's to purchase alcohol.
      • if a child committed a crime they were sent to remand homes, kept out of prison, tried in juvenile court and then sent to Borstal.
      • illegal for parents to neglect their child.
      • if begging was only source of income then no money was being brought into the house as it was illegal.


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