liberal feminists

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  • Liberal feminists
    • Regarded as the initial or first wave of feminism
    • Primary goals: campaigning for equal treatment and respect for women
      • for them to be viewed as unique and equal individuals in the same way as men
    • Early male liberals, including Mill took the view that women weren't a breed apart to be treated differently from men
    • Men who hold sexist are seen as misguided and narrow minded but capable of 'reform' once they are educated and enlightened about female potential and capabilities
      • Such an approach isn't revolutionary as it doesn't seek to overthrow existing structures in society
    • Liberal feminists have focused on campaigns such as securing votes for women, equal pay in the workplace and better access to childcare facilities
    • A radical feminist views structures in society as fundamentally patriarchal,
      • while liberal feminists wouldn't but instead would adapt them in a way that would enable women to play a full and equal role in society


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