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    • Individualism
      • Feudalism - freedom for all individuals didn't arrive untill the end of Feudalism
      • Thinking for yourself as a capable individual
      • Natural Rights - Individuals are born with rights to life, property and liberty. God being the creator of all and creating individuals, these rights are 'god given' so can never be taken away. -JOHN LOCKE
      • ATOMISM- society itself does not exist, merely a collection of individuals
      • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - Look after those who cannot themselves. Build a society where everyone is capable of self realization
    • Freedom
      • The ability to think or act as one wishes
      • Harm Principle - Individuals freedoms cant cause harm for anyone else
      • Two Types of freedom
        • POSITIVE FREEDOM - ability to be ones master, help them to reach their full potential
        • NEGATIVE FREEDOM - freedom is each person being left alone, free from interference.
    • Toleration
      • Idea of Pluralism - belief in diversity or choice, political power should be widely and evenly dispersed.
      • Balanced society, one not riven by conflict each group is essential to another, employers need labor, laborers need work
    • Reason
      • Age of reason - the Enlightenment era which released mankind and challenged the divine right of the monarchy and the church, individuals began to be free with thought.
      • Rationalism - Inspired Liberalism, Humans are rational thinkers, and are capable of pursing their best interests.
      • AGAINST Paternalism
    • Justice
      • Social Justice - distribution of rewards and benefits to society e.g. wages, healthcare
      • Foundational equality - born equal, same moral worth for everyone and rights within society the same too
      • Difference blind - governments should ignore all differences between individuals when creating laws and policies


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