Lexical development

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  • Lexical development
    • First word categories (Nelson)
      • Classes of objects e.g. "dog"
      • Specific objects e.g. "mummy"
      • Actions /events e.g. "stop"
      • modifying things e.g. "dirty"
      • Personal/ social e.g. "bye"
    • Underextension
      • child uses word in very restricted way e.g. child says "hat" meaning only her hat that she wears and not any others
    • Overextension
      • child uses a word to refer to several different but related things e.g. use of "cat" referring to all four legged animals.
    • Rescorla 2 types of overextension
      • Categorical: used to refer to things in similar category e.g. word "car" used for buses, trucks and other four-wheeled vehicle (most common)
      • Analogical:  word used to refer to things that aren't clearly in same category but have some physical or functional relation to each other e.g. word "hat" used for anything near/ connected with the head


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