Levels of Processing Study

Levels of Processing Study/ Experiement '75

Craik and Tulving

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  • Levels of Processing Study
    • Aim
      • to test the levels of processing theory
    • Procedure
      • 24 P's - shown 60 words using a tachistoscope (apparatus exposes visual stimuli) - then asked questions about the word
      • questions required structural, phonetic or semantic processing
      • then asked to recognise the words from a list of 180 - recall measured through recognition task
      • repeated measures design for phonetic, structural and semantic
    • Results
      • 80% semantic, 50% phonetic 18% structural recalled
    • Conclusion
      • the deeper the processing the more durable the memory
    • Evaluation
      • Strengths
        • The study has a practical application to real life(1st) Students can be taught to make notes which have meaning rather than just reading info to revise (2nd) 
        • lab - control of extraneous variables & IV likely to influence the DV
      • Weaknesses
        • shallow processing could lead to better processing if distinctive (1st) There are ways of remembering information other than just its meaning/E.g. you may see something so distinctive & create a mental image (2nd)


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