levels of processing

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  • LEVELS OF PROCESSING- Craik & Lockheart
    • There are 3 levels in which information can be processed,rehersal alone is not enough to account for memory
    • SHALLOW- focuses on how the information looks, PHYSICAL OR STRUCTURAL PROCESSING, capitals or lowercase
    • DEEPER- processing information on how it sounds known as PHONETIC PROCESSING, does a word ryhme with another
    • DEEPEST- where information is processed by the meaning of it, SEMANTIC PROCESSING, what does a word mean ?
      • CRAIK AND TULVINGS icidental learning task, asking whether words were in capitals, rhymed or match meanings, unexpectadly p's were then asked to recall words.
        • Matched meanings, rhymed, capitals
      • Too simplistic, realised this and later added that elaboration, organisation and distinctiveness also played arole.
      • ecological validity
      • nomothetic


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