levels of representation in the UK

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  • Levels of representation in the UK
    • Parish or town councils
      • The lowest level of government. Only a minority of people come within the jurisdiction of a town council.
      • They deal with local issues such as parks and gardens, parking restrictions, public amenities and small planning issues
    • Local councils
      • These may be county councils, district councils or metropolitan councils, depending on the area
      • They deal with local services such as education, public transport, roads, social services and public health
    • Metropolitan authorities
      • This is big city government such as in London or Manchester. These bodies deal with strategic city issues such as policing, public transport, arts funding, enviroment and emergency services.
      • Normally, have an elected mayor and strategic authority.
    • Devolved government
      • The governments of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. They have varying powers but all deal with health, social services, policing. All three have elected reps
    • National Government
      • Jurisdiction of the UK parliament at Westminster.
    • Summary
      • It can be observed that all citizens of the UK are represented at three levels and it is clear that representation is clearly becoming more decentralized and the delegating of increasing powers to city administrations.
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