Physics IGCSE lenses and the eye

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  • Lenses and the eye
    • Lens form a  image by refracting light
      • Concave lens
        • Parallel rays of light diverge as if coming from the principal focus
          • Also called a diverging lens
      • The focal length of a lens is determined by:
        • the refractive index of the material from which the lens is made
        • the curvature of the two surfaces of the lens
      • The greater the refractive index the flatter the lens
    • Convex lens
      • Parallel rays of light are bought to a focus
        • The principal focus
      • Also called a converging lens
      • object distance, U, image distance v and focal length f
        • 1 over U + 1 over v + 1 over f
    • Nature is defined by its size relative to the object
      • upright or inverted relative to the object
      • Real or virtue




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