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  • Lenses
    • All lenses change the direction of light rays by refraction.
    • A converging lense is convex. It causes parallel rays of light to converge.
    • Distance from the lens affects the image:
      • An object nearer F will make a virtual, magnified, the right way up on the same side as the lens.
      • An object between F and 2F will produce a real, upside down and magnified image.
      • An object at 2F will produce a real, upside down image the same size as the object.
    • The focal length is the distance from the lens to its focal point.
      • Use a converging lense to focus and image of a distant object onto a screen. Measure the distance between the lense and the screen to find the focal length.
    • A real image is where the light rays converge to form an image that can be projected onto a screen.
    • A virtual image is when the light rays are diverging so the light from the object seems to be coming from a different place.


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