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  • Lennie
    • Key Moments
      • When George tells him to hide in the Brushes if he gets into trouble
      • He breaks Curleys hand
      • Getting angry at Crooks for saying George might leave him
      • Killing his puppy and then Curleys wife
      • Talking about his dream before being killed by George
    • Adjectives
      • Strong
      • Innocent
      • Childish
      • Gullible
    • Quotations
      • "I got you to look after me and you got me to look after you"
        • Shows how co-dependant George and Lennie are
      • "I don't want no fights"
        • Shows that no matter how strong he is, Lennie doesn't intentionally hurt people/things
    • Themes
      • Friendship
        • His friendship with George means that he is one of the few who are not lonely. This is unusual for migrant workers
      • Prejudice
        • He has learning difficulties and so he is seen as weaker.
      • American Dream
        • He dreams of having his own farm with George tending Rabbits
      • Violence
        • Lennie is not a violent person but he is very strong as shown when Curley attacks him and Lennie breaks his hand in defense.


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