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  • Lennie Small
    • Migrant worker
    • 'Lennie dabbled his big paw' (p5)
      • Steinbeck's use of zoomorphism to describe Lennie shows us that he is not only animal-like, but perhaps regarded in society as an animal or on the same level as an animal.
        • zoomorphism
      • Like a bear
    • 'God you're a lotta trouble' (George p9)
      • Like a parent - young child relationship
    • 'like a terrier who doesn't want to bring his ball back' (p10)
      • George is the master.
      • zoomorphism
    • 'and I get to tend the rabbits' (p104)
      • To be able to tend the rabbits makes Lennie happy, it is the part of the dream he looks forward to most.
      • George uses this as a reward to get Lennie to behave and 'not do a bad thing'
        • Like a parent - young child relationship
    • 'Lennie giggled with happiness' (p104)
      • When George is describing how he can pet the rabbits to make him happy before  he shoots him.
      • Very childlike
        • Capable of emotional blackmail
          • Tell George he will go and live in a cave, which makes George feel guiilty.
          • Tricks George into telling him about the rabbits on many occasions.
            • 'Tell about the rabbits George.'
    • Lennie is a very simple character, due to his mental state, which leaves him a weakness in the harsh world of Dustbowl America.
      • He is fascinated by the ripples his finger makes in the water.
        • Does not understand very basic things.
      • He does not understand that what happened in Weed and killing CW really means.
        • Can only ever be concerned with being in trouble with George and not being able to tend the rabbits.
    • 'Suddenly Lennie's eyes centred and grew quiet and mad. He stood up and walked dangerously towards Crooks. 'Who hurt George?' he demanded.' (p71)
      • Lennie is very loyal to George.
        • Can only ever be concerned with being in trouble with George and not being able to tend the rabbits.
    • 'The next minute Curley was flopping like a fish on a line, and his fist was lost in Lennie's big hand.' (p63)
      • Lennie does not know his own strength.
      • Would never mean to hurt anyone.
      • He often accidently kills animals by petting them too hard.
      • The same for when he kills Curley's Wife (CW).
        • 'he shook her; and her body flopped like a fish. For Lennie had broken her neck.' (p90)


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An informative guide to Lennie with some useful quotes from and about him.

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