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  • Lennie
    • We know he is 'doomed' from the beginning
      • The woman in Weed
      • Candy's dog getting shot
      • George's constant reminders
    • Blindly devoted to George and their dream
      • "You got it by heart..It ain't the same if I tell it"
      • "Go on, George!... Tell about that, George."
      • "Tell me- like  you done before."
    • Described with a lot of animal imagery
      • "...the way a bear drags his paws"
      • "Lennie dabbled his big paw in the water"
      • "snorting into the water like a horse"
    • Very innocent in contrast to his physical strength
      • "Strong as a bull"
      • "...like a baby"
      • "Lennie smiled helplessly in an attempt to make friends"
  • "Tell me- like  you done before."


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