Lennie Small

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  • Lennie Small
    • Name
      • Lennie in German 'lions strength'. This describes his strength also it is an animal reference, this means there may be an animal presence during the story.
        • There are two ways to interpret 'small'. Lennie is not small as he is big, muscular and tall. This is ironic as he is small in intelligence and mental ability.
    • Appearance
      • 'Drank with long gulps, snorting into the water like a horse' this describes that Lennie is animal like. The simile conveys to the audience of what Lennie looks like. Horses are traditionally  wild that have been tamed to do domestic tasks
        • 'He pawed up the hay, until it partly covered her'. The use of the word 'paw' also shows that Lennie is animal like.


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