Lenin's decrees and actions

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  • Lenin's decrees and actions to December
    • While the new Bolshevik government was driven by a strong desire to create a new-style state. Lenin spoke out against the danger of moving towards"socialism" too quickly.
      • He seemed to envisage a long transition during which the first stage a long transition during which would be a form of "state capitalism", throughout which there would be a degree of state control over economic affairs but private markets would remain an important feature of economic life.
        • In December 1917, Veshenka was established  to supervise and control economic development, but Lenin remained cautious in the face of the demands of some in his party that he should set about the complete industrialization of industry
        • Other methods Lenin used to combat opposition:
          • A propaganda campaign mounted against political and "class" enemies, particularly the "bourgeoisie"
          • Anti Bolshevik newspapers were closed down.
          • Purge of civil service
          • Cheka was established as a secret police body in December.
          • Leading Kadets, right- wing Social Revolutionaries and Mensheviks were rounded up and imprisoned in December
          • Lenin tried to emphasize that these methods were not maid to intimidate enemies however to transform society
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