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  • Lenin's decrees and actions to December
    • Between the Bolshevik seizure of power and the end of 1917, Lenin issued a large number of decrees.
      • Optimism was high and this period is sometimes known as the "Utopian phase" of Bolshevik rule. Lenin needed to fulfill his promises of change and win support.
        • Lenin seems to have been genuinely convinced of the capacity of the masses to instigate a new social order.
        • He gave practical expression to such beliefs in decrees such as that on worker's control in the factories in November
    • October 1917
      • Workers decree: established a maximum 8 hour day
      • Social insurance decree: provided old age; health and unemployment benefits.
      • Press Decree: banned the opposition press.
      • Decree of Peace: promised an end of war "without annexation and indemnities"
      • Decree on Land: abolished private ownership of land and legitimised peasant seizures
    • November 1917
      • Rights of the People of Russia decree: abolished titles and class ranks.
      • Nationality decree:promised self determination to the people's of the former Russian empire;in December, Finland became an independent state and a rada (parliament) set up.
      • Decree on Worker's control of Factories: gave workers the right to 'supervise management'
      • Judicial degree: established a new legal system of elected people's courts
      • Decree to Outlaw sex discrimination: gave women equality with men and right to own property.


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