Lenin Economy

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  • Lenin Economic
    • inherited an under-developed economy from Tsars
    • State Capitalism
      • controlled means and level of production- but with little major interference
      • small, private trade allowed
      • pragmatic move by Lenin to try to develop economy
      • large businesses still partially owned by lenin
    • NEP
      • another pragmatic move by Lenin
      • ensured that communists remained in power by appeasing peasants economically
      • ended grain requisitioning, allowing peasants to sell any surplus for profit
    • War Communism
      • after NEP, realised greater control was needed
      • mainly aimed to assist the countries economy and military in times of war
      • nationalisation of large enterprises
      • denationalisation of smaller enterprises
      • some Bolsheviks viewed it as a betrayal of socialist policies
      • forced requisitioning of agriculture
        • left peasants significantly worse off, some resulted to cannibalism to survive
    • removed trade restrictions


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