Lenin and Bolshevik Party, 1917

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  • Lenin and the Bolshevik Party, 1917
    • Bolsheviks and Lenin
      • Helped by Ger Govt returned to Russia
      • Did not expect abdication of Tsar
      • April 1917 Soviet democracy should replace Provisional Govt
      • Provisional Govt abolished political police and guaranteed political rights
        • Allowe key Bolshevik leaders to return to Russia
          • Zinoviev and Kamenev
          • Stalin
          • Bukharin
    • Lenin's Ideology and April Theses
      • Demanded immediate social revolution
      • 'Peace, Land and Bread'
        • Promised to end involvement in WW1
          • Soldiers, workers and peasents who had been affected by conflict
        • Redistribution of land
          • Peasents frustrated with Provisional Govt failure
        • End hardship of WW1
      • 'All Power to the Soviets'
        • Feb Rev 1st step towards socialist revolution
        • Soviets new govt
    • Lenin's Impact
      • Little Impact
        • Some Marxists believed he was out of touch with the situation
        • 21st April Bolsheviks sent to factoires to gain support for strikes to remove Provisional Govt but failed
        • Leadership threatened Provisional Govt
          • Majority of Bolsheviks opposed Provisional Govt
          • Attractive radical alternative to Provisional Govt
          • Attracted revolutionaries such as Trotsky


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