Lenin and Central Commitee

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  • From Mid September, Lenin (still fleeing) started sending the 12 man central commitee to prepare for a revolution and get ready to seize control.
    • Lenin and Central Committee of Bolsheviks
      • Lev Kamanev and Girgorii Zinoviev, in particular urged restraint, fearing Russia was not yet economically ready for revolution. They even burnt some of Lenin's letters.
        • This duo believed that they should not act before the constituent assembly elections. However Trotsky suggested that they should work through the Soviet and wait for the Congress of Soviets taking place on  26 October.
          • Trotsky believed that at this congress, they could win the support of socialist parties for a soviet government without resorting to violence.
            • An increasingly frustrated Lenin slipped back into Russia in disguise and on 10 October harangued the central committee all night
              • Lenin finally succeeded (10:2) in persuading the commitee that "an armed rising is the order of the day". Trotsky sided with Lenin but Zinoviev and Kamanev still stood firm and published their own views in a newspaper declaring that "if we take power now.. we are forced into revolutionary war, the mass of soldiers will not agree.
    • On 12 September, he suggested that "History will not forgive us if we do not assume power now" but three days later the committee voted against the coup.
      • Even Lenin's threat of resignation did not persuade  the Central Committee to backtrack


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