Leisure and entertainment 1920s USA

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  • Leisure and entertainment
    • Consumer goods
      • Consumer goods brought a rapid change in the life of many americans
      • Brought the average time of household chores from 47 to 44
    • Radio
      • The number of radios increased to over 10 million by 1929
      • In 1921 there was 1 radio channel compared to over 500 in 1923
      • 50 million people listened to the radio
      • Unlike newspapers you didn't need to be literate to know about current affairs
      • The radio introduced many people to drama, as the martian scare of 1938 was to show
    • Jazz age
      • The increase of the numbers of radios also changed the popularity of music
      • The 1920s ware known as the "Jazz age" because of the popularity of Jazz music
      • Americans were delighted to put the war behind them and learn new dances such as the charleston
    • Cars
      • With the growth of car membership  some families became more mobile
      • Weekend trips for well of American's became common
      • American's travelled out of their immediate area for the first time
    • Baseball
      • Baseball was the most popular sport of the urban working classes
      • "Babe" Ruth of the Yankees becoming a national hero
      • Some baseball players earned up to $80,000 p/a !
    • Cinema
      • The most popular entertainment was the cinema to go and see a film was a weekly affair for some Americans
      • By 1926 there were over 17,000 cinemas
      • In 1927 the first talking film was made " the singing fool"
      • By 1930 more than 100 million cinema tickets were sold every week


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