Leisure Time

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  • Leisure Time
    • Nazis wanted to control all aspects of people's lives
      • So bureaucrats (office workers: meningeal job) estimated that the average German spent:
        • 6 hours working a day
        • 7-8 hours sleeping
        • Has 10 and half spare hours which total 3740 hours each year
    • An organisation called KDF (Kraft durch Freude = strength through joy) was set up
      • It provided leisure time possibilities for those workers who worked hard
      • It was used a tool to promote the the advantages of National socialism to the people
        • It soon became the world's largest tourism operator of the 1930s
    • The system was meant as a reward for hard working Germans
      • It was believed too much idleness could bring about anger, frustration and criticism of the Nazis
      • They believed plenty of spare time activities would lead people to work harder
    • Activities offered: sport matches, concerts, theatre plays, musicals, cruises for the most hard working at a very discounted price, skiing and walking holidays, 3 week tour of Italy with fine dining and hotels at reasonable prices
      • Evening classes for adults to learn new skills were also introduced
    • Saving scheme to buy a Volkswagen Beetle
      • The scheme was not working so to help people buy the car, the KDF started a saving scheme in which people paid 5 marks a week until they had enough marks
      • But this was a scam as the gov. used the money to make weapons and no one actually got their car even though millions had started to save


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