Leisure In Elizabethan England

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  • Leisure
    • Nobility Sport
      • Hunting on Horseback with hounds for men and women
      • Hawking for men and women
      • Fishing for men and women
      • Fencing for men
      • Real tennis for men
    • Working People Sport
      • Football - very violent, long games, unusual goals and different rules to modern football.
    • Spectator Sports
      • A bear or bull is chained to a tree or in an arena and dogs are set against it. It is called baiting.
      • ****-fighting is where cockerels are given metal spurs to wear while they fight. People bet huge sums on the outcomes.
    • Pastimes
      • Literature was popular. A lot of new poetry and plays were written.
      • Theatre was rapidly improving. Religious plays were controversial so Elizabeth stopped them. This led to more secular plays.
      • Comedies were also popular. Leicester's Men and The Queen's Men are two examples.
      • Elizabethans were passionate about music. Musicians would play in public events and everywhere they could. Music was made to acompany the new plays too.
      • Dancing was very popular and although it did not bring upper and  lower classes together it brought men and women together.


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