AS Sociology Leisure and Consumption

Just an overview of what the perspectives say about Leisure and Consumption!

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  • Leisure and Consumption
    • Postmodern View
      • Roberts (1986) - leisure and consumption have the most significance in the formation of identites. we now enjoy unlimited free choice. Consumption is geared around lifestyle choices.
      • The media is important in providing us with such choice (Strinati 1995)
      • Baudrillard - we now live in a media saturated society. when we shop we buy into particular lifestyles and the media promote/show us what these different lifestyles are.
      • Bauman (1996) claimed that life itslef has become a shopping mall - we browse, try things on, buy particular lifestyles and change them as we wish.
    • Marxist View
      • Marxists argue that this is a false illusion or choice and creation. we may buy things to make up our identity, we may believe we can change our social class through consumption and leisure BUT this is an illusion
      • Media creates false needs (Marcuse) through advertising which means the working class keep buying and profitting the upper class
      • Also prevents class consciousness - the working class are manipulated or distracted from thinking for themselves which might lead to them rebelling against capitalism.
      • Believe that self-fulfilment is not really possible. People are brainwashed into buying things and leisure can be used as a distraction from the way people are being exploited and manipulated.
    • Elite View
      • Believe that this is a mass culture. They see people today as leading empty and superficial lives, but they don't contribute it to a ruling class conspiracy, BUT as a result of poor quality culture.
      • As companies try to appeal to the largest (mass) audience, their standards are low and unchallenging. Audiences are seduced into role of passive consumers.
    • Pluralist View
      • They say leisure offers rich oppertunities for creating lifestyles and identities.
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